WRONG, Edward Murray



14th April 1889 to 15th February 1928


Biographical Text

Murray Wrong was born in Canada on 14 April 1889. He married Rosalind Smith, daughter of Arthur Lionel Smith, the Master of Balliol College, Oxford. He himself was vice-president of Magdalen College, Oxford, from 1924-5, and junior proctor from 1927-8. He died suddenly in Oxford on 15 February 1928.

It was probably thanks to Smith that Wrong became involved with the Rowntree conferences in the early years. He seems to have had an interest for a time in industry and industrial relations, and gave lectures at other conferences as well. In his 1920 lecture he discusses the increasing trends towards concentration on the part of both capital and labour, with the emergence of big business and big unions. He speculates on the role that management plays as an intermediary between labour and capital, and how management itself should be organised. He praises scientific management for its emphasis on thinking and planning, and calls for a more thoughtful and philosophical approach to industry in order to enable it to meet the demands of the modern world.


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